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From: rimpigfl
Subject: Marine Encounter VIIDISCLAIMER: This is a work of FICTION. It is NOT TRUE. Any resemblance
between any character gratis galleries preteens and any real person is thoroughly and completely
accidental. This story contains scenes of sex between males. So preteens porn pic
forewarned. If this story warps your sex-drive or your previously held
opinions, feelings or desires, then korean preteens
it has been successful.This story is dedicated to a real member of the USMC who is my friend and
whom I care very much about.SPECIAL NOTE: A lot of you have written to ask if the Marine I mention
above is my lover. I do not have a lover (not that I don't want one!). The
Marine that this is dedicated to is exactly what I have described - a
friend. If you have read my preteen dad
stories on this website, you know that being a
friend is, to me, far more important that being a lover.Marine Encounter - Part VII
by RimPig (c) 2001"It preteens 16 yo is so good to see you again, Mr. Grayson! It has been too long!"Having just walked into the lobby of the Plaza, Shawn and I were greeted by
the concierge of the hotel."Thank you, Charles. Yes, it has been too long. Charles, may I introduce
you to my partner, Shawn O'Reilly." I said."Welcome, Mr. O'Reilly! I hope your stay with us will be everything that
you desire!" Charles always spoke in superlatives. I guess that was part of
the hotel rules."Thank you." Shawn said. I could see he was amused at this interplay."The suite you requested, Mr. Grayson, is ready for you. Is there anything
else that I can do to make your stay preteen pictures usenet comfortable?" Charles asked."Yes, Charles. Do you think you could you arrange for two tickets for 'The
Producers' tonight?" I asked."Well...it will be difficult, but I incest preteen picturespreteen models top50 think I can arrange that. Will there be
anything else?" Charles stated."Yes, would you also make reservations for us for dinner in the free preteens love Oak Room
tonight in time to get us to the theatre? Also, a limo to take us?" I
ordered."Of course. Anything else?" he asked."No, I think that's about it. Anything you need, Shawn?" I looked over at
Shawn who was watching this whole exchange."No, just so long as there's beer in the room." he said smiling at me."Oh, Sir! The bar in the suite holds at least 4 brands of premium beer and
3 brands of imported beer. If there is a particular brand you seek, we will
be more than happy to supply it." Charles stated."I think Bud will be fine." Shawn laughed."Well...if there is nothing else, rape 12yo preteen Paul here will show you to your suite."
Charles nodded to another member of the desk staff who had come up while we
were talking.The attractive young man asked us to follow him and he took us upstairs to
the suite. I think Shawn was a bit intimidated at first by the suite. It
was on the corner of the hotel and had both a sitting room preteens fucked teens and a
bedroom. Both rooms had fireplaces. The bedroom held a king-size bed and
there were views of Central Park from both rooms. The bathroom had both a
Jacuzzi and a shower.After touring lol preteen pics the suite, I gave the young man a tip and he left. Shawn
looked at me quizzically."Well, what do you think?" I asked."The shower is smaller than yours at home." he answered."Than OURS at home." I reminded him.That stopped him dead in his tracks. He stood there staring at me looking
like a deer little preteen breast
caught nude preteens naturists in a car's headlights. I could almost hear the gears
turning in his head, replacing data and realigning thought processes."Yeah." he replied. "Like ours at home. I guess it's going to nude preteen moldes
take some
time to get used to illegal preteen shower that. I'm so used preteen asian sex to thinking in terms of 'me' and
'mine', not 'us' and 'ours'.""You'll get used to it. Trust me." I laughed.He walked over and took me in his arms."I don't know if I'll ever get used to you loving me. In some ways I hope I
don't. It always comes as such a wonderful surprise! I'm not used to being
loved, I'm not used to having the freedom to love someone I want to love. I
was taught that all this was 'sick' and 'wrong'. The whole reason we're
here is because I hurt someone because of that training. I don't know if
I'll ever completely get over preteen free incest it." he stated."None of us ever get completely over it! We get better, but I don't know if
we ever completely heal from the kind of damage that happens when you're
taught that everything you are, everything you love is wrong. It is what
has always scared me about a relationship." I explained."How's that?" he asked."Well...each of us, whether we like to admit it or not, has been damaged by
the self-hatred naked preteens russian we were taught growing up. Many of us end up believing that
we cannot love or that we aren't worth loving because we're 'sick
faggots'. We're told that we are incapable of love. We're told that we will
molest children. We're told that our relationships are not real or have any
value preteen artistic nudes at all. Just look at the situation we're in! Would you feel
comfortable flying home tomorrow and introducing me to your parents as
someone you russan preteen love?" I asked him."Well that's a different situation!" he said defensively."Is it? How? How many guys do you think are able to share with their
families that they love another guy and have it accepted - REALLY
accepted. Like the 'marriage' black preteen girl
it is? Do you remember this crazy little law
that congress passed a couple of years ago called 'DOMA' - the Defense of
Marriage Act? Congress and the heterosexuals they represent were shitting
themselves over the idea that one state might actually have the guts to say
that Gay relationships were as valid as straight one's and might actually
'marry' two guys! Well, congress put a stop to that! But they forgot that
there used to be laws that said that marriage was not possible between preteen russion nymphs
black person and a white person! People didn't think that those
relationships were valid either! The southern states decided that anyone
who was black was 'sub-human' and couldn't be allowed to marry a white
'human'. Basically what they were saying were that blacks were not capable
of loving. Oh, they allowed blacks to marry each other - that didn't
threaten them at all because they saw that as blacks just 'aping' their
'betters'! THAT'S what we have to deal with - and are going to have to deal
with on a daily basis as long as we stay together. We won't have the
support of our families. They won't plan a wedding to celebrate our
love. They won't put our names in the 'Family kdz preteen vids Bible'. And if we get into
difficulty with each other - they won't be there to tell us that all
relationships have problems from time to time and we ought to work on
staying together. No! They'd more than likely say 'Well! What do you
expect? That relationship was doomed to begin with because it was
unnatural!'. I love you. I will always love you. But you've got to
understand what you're getting into. I don't want to lose you later because
you can't take what is going to be thrown at us."I stopped and turned away from him. I felt myself start to lose it and I
didn't want to break down in front if him. Suddenly, I felt his arms go
around me and I preteen art sites seemed to collapse tiny preteen topsites in his arms, crying out the pain I felt."It will be all right, babe. I promise. No matter what happens I'm not
going anywhere! And if my family can't deal asien preteen with it, fuck 'em! They can
kiss my ass! innocent little preteens I've searched for you all my life. You're more important to me
than anybody. I promise you that. And we'll find a way to make it on our
own. You'll see. And if you can find a way we can get married, we will!" he
promised.I clung to him. I was trembling with my own feelings. I couldn't euro topples preteens
anymore."Look, babe." he spoke softly. "I understand your anger. I saw it in the
other Marines I served with that I knew were Gay. The anger at being just
as good as anyone, and in most cases better, and yet knowing that you could
be thrown out of preteen hxxp
the service just for having sex and getting caught. As
long as you fucked the native women in almost every foreign port in the
world, you were preteen pthc pics fine! You were a 'model' Marine! Paying for whores - that
was OK. But falling in love with another Marine and get caught and you were
history. I knew one guy at home who was in Nam. He lost a leg at Da
Nang. He was awarded a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. Then somebody ratted
him out because he'd fallen in preteen boys nudist love with a Corpsman who nursed him in seventeen preteen porn the
hospital. They threw them both preteens blogs out with a dishonorable discharge. They preteen posing pics lost
all benefits. The sexporn preteens only good part was that when I knew him, he and the
Corpsman were still together, still very preteen young illegal much in preteen leg love. Why do you hot preteen vagina
think I'm
getting out of the Corps? I loved being a Marine. But I knew that if I
stayed, I could end up getting thrown out, but I wouldn't have anyone to
love me and stand by me. I guess I'm glad I didn't meet you before I'd made
the decision. I might have been tempted not to leave."He held me tighter. I turned in his arms and faced him. I looked up into
his eyes and saw free preteen latinas the pain I had heard in his voice. I knew then that he
truly did understand. He knew that same hatred for the injustice that we
had to live with as Gay men every day of our lives. And I knew that my love
for him grew in that moment. And, more importantly, my admiration for who
he was grew as well."Shawn, I'm sorry. I had no right to go off like that. Especially on you. I
don't even know what brought all that on." I apologized."I think I do. You scared. Just like I am. We're both happy to have girls preteen porn found
each other, but it's still scary to suddenly change your whole life. We're
learning about each other. Learning to trust each other. Building a bond
between us. So there are parts that are still kind of tender and aren't
comfortable yet. We'll get through it. You know that." he stated.I stared up at him, speechless! I couldn't believe that this all had come
from my warrior/lover. He'd figured it all out while I was lost in my preteen pose gallery own
emotions. Oh...this was a man to keep!!! This was preteen bra portfolio
a man worth keeping!!!"You are absolutely amazing! Do bbs elwebb preteen you know that, preteen fuck old soldier? You are absolutely
incredible!" I raved. "You are the most wonderfully amazing preteen pantyhose forums and incredible
man in the world! I absolutely blown away by portal preteen boys your understanding. There are
depths to you I haven't even begun fathom. Do you preteen professional models think if we're
together....say about 50 years, I'll ever find all of you?" I laughed.For the first time since I'd known him, Shawn did something I would preteen ranchi nymphets
bet money he couldn't do. He blushed."I did learn something in the Corps. I did a lot of growing up. And I had a
lot of voyeur preteen nudes time to think about what I wanted out of life. When I came to
Lauderdale, I knew exactly what I was looking for. I didn't know if I would
find it there, but I was willing to do whatever it took to find it. And I
found you. russian preteen child But I know this isn't going to be easy for either of
us. Relationships never are. But I know that I'm willing to take preteens hot nude
the risk
and make preteen nudist stories
the effort and I know you are, too. That's preteens modeling pics
what preteen lotitas
counts." he said.I reached up and took his face between my hands. I pulled him close and
kissed him deeply."You said it all, lover! We pretty preteens pictures
are going to make it! I will fashion preteen l
never love anyone
the forbidden preteen photos way I love you." I swore. "Now, let's go out and take a walk in Central
Park. I want to take you to lunch at Tavern on the Green. And I want to
show you a special place."We went out the front door of the hotel and the doorman asked if we wanted
a cab. I was about to answer when something caught my eye. The horse drawn
hansom preteen girlchild model cabs! I thanked the doorman and ran down the steps to the where the
horses waited with their drivers. I went up to a young man who seemed about
19 or 20, slender with long brown hair."My lover preteen chat bbs and I want to rent your cab. We want you to drive us through the
park to Tavern on the Green and then wait for us and take us to the
Metropolitan Museum and then back to the Plaza." I said, holding up a
hundred dollar bill."Gentlemen," he said, doffing his hat, bowing and holding open the door to
the carriage, "Climb right aboard!"I got in the carriage but Mike continued to stand on the side-walk."Come on, soldier! Come take the ride of your life!" I cried."You know you're crazy!" he laughed, climbing in the carriage."Yes! Crazy about you!"We rode through the park, looking at the beautiful foliage and all the New
Yorkers walking, playing, having lunch. Mike put one arm around me and held
my hand in his as I leaned my head against the thick musculature of his
arm. I had been to New York many times and had ridden through Cental Park
like this almost every time I visited the city, but it was like I had never
seen New York before, never ridden though Cental Park, never preteen nymphet candy
saw the trees
or the people. And, of course I hadn't - because I'd never seen it while I
was in love.The wonderful feelings that I had for Shawn colored all my perceptions that
day. Everywhere I erotic preteen boys looked there was something beautiful or interesting or
exciting to see. teen preteen vid The air itself seemed to take on a magical scent. I could
become convinced quite easily that the only time that you ever are able to
see just how beautiful the world is, is when you are in the arms of someone
you love.We had a wonderful, leisurely preteen thong vids
lunch at Tavern-On-The-Green and preteens model casting then climbed
back in the carriage and we road to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I took
Shawn directly to the American Wing and the Tiffany Collection. We stood
before the beautiful stained glass window there. I had always loved stained
glass and Louis Comfort Tiffany was, preteen free legal to me, the master of the art. preteen russian video I had
two original Tiffany Lamps in the condo at home. What I wouldn't give to
own a window by Tiffany, but I couldn't afford anything like that. So,
whenever I was in New York City, I preteens nudist finger
always went to the Metropolitan to stand
here before this display."It's really beautiful!" Mike said.I reached over, took his arm and leaned gallery preteen pic
against him."Yes, I love stained glass. Always have. There are two lamps done by
Tiffany at home." I told him."Those really pretty glass one's in the living room?" he asked."You mean you noticed!?" I was again surprised."Of course I did! They're really beautiful. They look like trees in full
bloom.""They are wisteria trees. Tiffany preteen agencies
created a beautiful representation of
them in those lamps. They're very rare today. It cost nudepreteen girlies galleries me a lot for them,
but I love them." I explained."I can understand why." he said.We wandered further in museum for a while. I took him to the Impressionists
and we stood for a while in latin preteen sex front of the Monet paintings. It felt so good
sharing these things I love with him. And he seemed to appreciate them as
well. We held hands, touched, walked arm and arm throughout preteen nasty nudes the museum as
if it were the most natural thing in the world. God knows it should be, but
I guessed that this was the first time Shawn had ever publically shown love
or affection for another male since he'd been a very little boy. And yet,
the movements nude naked preteens
were so natural for him. I remember preteen model gallories
standing in front of a
Roman marble nude statue from the first century that was titled "A Wounded
Warrior". The young preteen haircuts pictures
man's face showed some pain but his body was almost
perfectly within the Greek ideal for a male. I could see Shawn assessing
the young man like he would a raw recruit, deciding whether or not he had
what it took to nonude preteen modelsd be a 'warrior'."Would he have made a good marine?" I asked him."Well, maybe..." he answered. "But he'd have to have a bit more uniform
before I'd send him out for hand-to-hand training."I laughed at the idea of the nude young Greek/Roman warrior showing up for
training at a USMC base wearing little more than a piece of cloth thrown
over one shoulder and strategically covering his groin. Shawn joined me in
the laughter at his own joke.Finally we left the museum, got back in the carriage and went back to the
hotel. When we entered the lobby, preteen cartoon nudes Charles approached us."Mr. Grayson, Mr. O'Reilly, your tickets to the theater will be waiting for
you at the desk and I've arranged dinner in the Oak Room for 7:00 and the
limo will be waiting to get you to the theatre in time for the curtain." he
reported."Thank you, Charles! That's wonderful." I said."Yes, thank you." Shawn said."I hope you gentlemen have a wonderful evening." Charles said.We went back up to the suite where the fires had been lighted in the
fireplaces as the turk preteen porn
late afternoon chill set in."We've got several hours before our reservations. What do you want to do?"
I asked Shawn.He looked at the fireplace glowing in the bedroom and the king-size
bed. Then he looked at me and gave me a mischievous smile. Then we both
ran for the bedroom, tearing clothes from our body as we ran. Clothes were
strewn tittie preteen gallery all over the suite when we both masturbating asian preteens
jumped onto the bed naked.We snuggled in each other's arms, our bodies warmed and lit by the glow of
the fireplace. My head was resting on Shawn's upper arm and his other hand
was gently and slowly running up and down my flanks. He seemed to be trying
to memorize my body in Braille. He had a very thoughtful look on his face
as I watched him, the glow from the fireplace highlighting the contours of
his face."What are you thinking about, love?" I asked photography preteen him." I naked preteen pussy was just thinking of tight preteens story how wonderful everything's been today and how
awful tomorrow is going to be." he answered."Perhaps it passwords free preteens
won't be so awful. Perhaps you will feel better when you
finally have this monkey off your back. You'll finally be able to know
you've tried to apologize to Tim and maybe things will work out. Let's pray
that they will and then let it go for tonight. There's nothing we can do
now anyway. And we can't tell the future. The last few days alone should
tell you that!" I said."Yeah! I know. God knows I would never have predicted all this 4 days
ago. Who'd have ever thought that I'd be lying naked in a suite at the
Plaza Hotel with another hot naked guy who loves me?" preteen insest pics
he smiled."Well, this 'hot' guy is going to start getting 'cold' - preteens modeling pantyhose even with that
fire - if you don't do something to keep him warm!"Shawn took the hint and leaned down and began licking and sucking at my
left nipple. My back involuntarily arched at the electrical shocks that
were going through my body from his torture of my extremely sensitive
tit. This drove my body closer to his while his hand slid down my body and
cupped the cheek of my ass.He then df toplist preteensex
moved back up, licking an nibbling at the tender skin of underpant preteen girls my
throat. I tilted my head back to give him ready access. He left red
hickey's all over my throat by the time he finished tasting my neck.I expected him to either move to the other side of my body or kiss me. He
did neither. Instead, he raised up and pushed fucking preteens
me onto preteen nude childmodels my back. Then he
swung around over me into a classic 69 position and nonnude preteen angles gobbled my cock down to
the root as his dangled over my face.I reached up and took the head of his stiffening cock into my mouth and we
began to take each other deep into our respective throats as we both moaned
around the cock we were sucking. I reached up and began playing with his
butt. I stroked a finger lightly up and down his ass trench and then began
to push against his hole. Shawn was busy in my butt as well, already having
what felt like two fingers pushed up my hole and massaging my
prostate. This wasn't going to take long at all for me to cum and from the
rigidness I prety preteen model
could feel from his cock in my mouth, it preteen naked thumbnail
wasn't going to take
Shawn much longer.We avidly ate each other's cock and both had fingers shoved up the others
ass. As I knew, within moments of each other, we blew our loads preteen labia development into each
other's mouth. The moment we did, Shaw pull off preteen bbs stories my cock, spun around -
pulling his cock from my mouth - and pressed his mouth to mine, allowing
all my cum which he kept in his warm mouth to slide into naked preteen tgp my mouth. I, of
course, still had a mouthful of his load and we lay there exchanging our
copious loads with each other - tasting each other until our cum mingled
into a single "Shawn/Bobby" load preteen models russians which we swallowed with relish."Can we take a nap for a while? I'm really worn out from today." Shawn
said, looking down at me."We can do whatever we want. And I agree, today has tired me out. And we
didn't get much sleep last night!" I replied."And who's fault is that?!" he asked with that mischievous grin of his."Oh! Let's not start THAT again or we won't get any sleep now!" I insisted.We managed to get under the covers of the bed and Shawn and I nestled like
spoons with him behind me holding me close to his warm, hard video preteens porno body. I could
feel his body heat and smell his body scent. It didn't matter that we were
1200 miles from Ft. Lauderdale, as long as I was in his arms, I was home. I
drifted off, safe and secure in the arms of my warrior/lover.End of Part VIIIf you liked the story so far, write me at rimpigflyahoo.com
Please tell me which story you read when sexo preteens
you write.If you liked the story, why not make a donation to NIFTY to keep the site
free? Thank you!RimPig
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