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From: Dan Kirk
Subject: Mists_of_Fate_IntroThese stories may contain graphic descriptions of sexual contact and
behaviour. If stories containing such acts may be illegal where you live,
or you are not of legal age where you live, stop young loita porn reading. Otherwise,
enjoy. Feedback welcome youngest toples
Shaper's Mist, Introduction "How boring." the thought wafted through young fathers the empty stone chambers.
"Why did I ever bother? Thousands of years pass by, free young xxx and still nothing
changes" the thoughts continued, echoing in the vast, empty stone walls. To the human extreme young nudes eye, the inner chamber of the ancient temple was
large, dark, and showed no sign of habitation. Hundreds of years had
passed since a human being had set foot in the room. The room could have
easily held every remaining inhabitant of the city surrounding the temple,
but for now it was utterly empty. No doors or windows opened into it, no
secret passage allowed anyone or anything to enter inocent young fuck or leave. Despite that,
the room was occupied. On youngest nude toplist a low dais, set in the exact center of the room, a russian mature young
stone chair
was carved out of the same rock that made up the Movie sarah young
rest of the room. In the
chair, young gays porn sat a being in human little young nudes form, unmoving in the all the time since the
last doors, the last of the great windows that had once let in the light of
the world, had mutated into cold stone, shutting out the hot young porn
rest of the world. Like the stuttering of the feeble-minded, those thoughts wafted
through the room, over and over, unheard even by the one naked young sisters
which created
them. Outside the chamber, at the base of the great stone tower cp young girls
served as the town's temple, a crowd had gathered. Nearly every inhabitant
of the once great town had come to listen once more to the high priests,
and to offer again, a sacrifice to their Shaper, their young porn actresses
god. Almost 10,000 people stood there, quietly waiting as three priests
climbed the steps to what had once been the temple's entrance. Fifty years
ago, almost 50,000 would have been gathered. Fifty years before that,
almost 200,000 would have taken turns rika young nude
coming to the great temple. Now,
those few who remained alive waited quietly, believing that once again,
they were wasting their time, but refusing to give up that glimmer of hope
that this time, young link
they might reach the ears of their Shaper. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the three priests reached
the top of the thousand steps. The High Priest, an aging man, well into
his eighth decade, grasped youngest free illegal the shoulders of the two priests on either side
of him for support. young pic post
A low cry of young boy link pain young cam gurgled in his throat at the site of
the few people in front of him. Each year, their numbers decreased, and
soon, there would be no more. The two handsome priests on either side of
him turned to give him more support. On his left, the beautiful blond went
as pale as his hair, while his dark haired twin whispered, "Elder, are you
all right?" Taking a deep breath, the high priest whispered "I will dirty young teens be fine,
son. I pray that this will be the last time we must do this." Gathering
himself together, the elder priest raised his hands to the young swedish teen sky and began. "Ancient people of Tylera. young and mature We are gathered once again to raise our
voices in prayers of hope. Today, we are fewer than we were before, but
still we are here. We are alive." as he finished angels young porno
the last part of the
intonation, he lowered his arms to his side and waited for the crowd's
response. "We the youngest anal are alive." the crowd chanted as one younger girls nude "Circled by the mists of
fate, separated from all others. In the bosom of the Shaper, we live." Taking a deep breath, the tall young blond priest stepped forward
and began "Since the time of the Wreckers, the Shapers have guarded the
world. As the world changed from a place of sustenance to a place of
death, the Shapers gave us succor." Again, the crowd chanted "We are alive, circled by the mists of
fate, separated from young gay porno
all others. In the bosom of the Shaper, we young lesbian mpegs
live" As hot young females the blond priest stepped back beside the high priest, his dark
haired twin stepped forward, reared young asian blowjobs his head and cried out "Yet, even the
Shapers may be deceived. After the time of the Wreckers, the world lived
in peace for a time. young asian women However, as the world we live on grew more desolate,
the Shapers began to argue about how to young nude photo guard us, their people. Finally,
the Shapers of the East declared dominion over all people and tried to
force their will on the others." Stepping next to the dark-haired priest, the blond priest continued
"Yet these dark Shapers were blonde young boys
not unopposed. For years beyond count, the
Shapers of the West resisted their fallen brothers. As their contest waged
on the world was forever changed." As the crowd chanted "We are alive, circled by the mists of fate,
separated from all others. In the bosom young russian gay of the Shaper, we live", the
elderly High Priest stepped between his two younger brethren and continued, "Brought by the terrible wrath of the Shapers, the mists of fate
rose from the ground. Where they formed, life as we know it ceased to
exist. As the last of the dark Shapers were destroyed, the Shapers of
Light noticed at last the effects of fucking young boys their great struggle. They turned
their young teen porrn minds back to the world, young lola sex and to the people. They saw that where the
mists of fate rose, the people youngest russian boy
of the earth died. Green fields turned to
dust, the animals screamed their pain as their lives were ended by the
terrible mists." Again, the dark-haired priest raised his voice "Despite being
chained and cast out of young stuff existence, the revenge of the Dark Shapers was
complete. Their last cry 'If they do not worship us, let there be no one
left but young cunt gallery our weak-hearted brethren!' The mists of fate were the last
revenge of the Dark free young pictures Shapers" Once more, the crowd chanted "We are alive, circled by the mists of
fate, separated from all others. In the bosom of the Shaper, we live" This time, the blond priest raised his hands to the sky and chanted
"Blessed be the Shapers of young girls pooping Light, Shapers of the West!" lowering his hands,
he continued in his deep bass "As the people died by the thousands, then
the millions, the Shapers of Light sought to end the mists." "Alas!" cried the High Priest, "Alas for the world that the Dark
Shapers wrought so well at their end!" "Their curse! Their curse!" cried the dark-haired priest, "Their
curse forced the Shapers of Light to adopt the ways of the Shapers of
Darkness!" "Forced by their failure to end the mist, the Shapers of Light
gathered the people to them," continued the blond priest, "Once the people
were gathered by a Shaper of Light, he gathered his will and shaped a place
of safety for his chosen people. Within the realm shaped by the power of
their will, they created a place of refuge, of safety from the mists of
fate. Each Shaper, according to their strength of will, saved young thumbs photos
hundreds young cum porn and
thousands of people. As time went by, corridors were fashioned, joining
these refuges, and a cgiworld young free time of greatness came again." In voices near rapture, the crowd free youngest galleries
shouted "We are ALIVE, circled by
the mists of fate, separated from all others. In the bosom of the Shaper,
we LIVE" As the two younger priests stepped young korean upskirt back, the elder priest allowed
his head to fall so that his clean little younger porn
shaven chin touched his chest. "As time
went by, one by one, the refuges began to fall. young pretten sex The Shapers of Light
became distracted, allowed the walls holding back the porn young couple
mist to fade. The
people begged gay young incest them, worshiped them, thanked them, young free sex
tried however young amateur nudes they could
to keep the attention, the love of their Shapers, but eventually the
corridors would fill with the dreaded mist, their farms, their homes, their
towns would all be swallowed. As contact was lost, whole civilizations
would fall into the mist, never to be heard again, the voices of their
people lost forever. "Yet, through it all, Tylera prospered. Tylera, blessed by the
grace of the most powerful shaper of them all - J'stan- grew until it was
as large as a city in the time young illigal teens of the Wreckers. Farms spread out young boys penis as J'stan
gathered lesser Shapers to him. Together they created the greatest refuge,
the greatest City of Man left. "Even through young amateur all this, the blowjob young small despair crept among the Shapers of
Tylera. Though we, their people gave them all we could, they still
abandoned us young cp illegal
to the mists." "Woe to us!" cried the people, "Woe to us for losing the nice young teens Shapers,
Woe young nice nipples to us for failing them!" Lifting his head to stare at the large wooden structure behind the
crowd, the old priest continued "NOW, 300 years after the last, greatest
Shaper locked his temple, as the mists of fate began to creep ever Amateur young man
into Tylera, killing our people, our land, we gather once more. smooth young teens
For 300
years, we very young porngirls have sought russian young nudist to reach him, to remind him of our need, to please
him so that he would save us! Now, young japan porno we know that if we fail, we may never
again have a chance to live. Pray people, pray for the brave young
sacrifice. Pray for survival, pray the Shaper will hear us at last!" At his words, the priest could see several of his sisters leading a
young man atop the wooden structure. A catapult, an old design from ages
past. Several hundred feet high, with it's great arm already strung back
and tied down. As they reached the top, the boy stopped amid a circle of
priestesses and faced young lollita naked the men standing atop the steps of the temple. "Each year," young forbidden nude the priest continued, "we gather here, to remember the
past, rape young sex
and to call out to J'stan. We offer him a sacrifice. A sacrifice
not porn hungarian young
of death, but of life. We offer him one of our best, our brightest
young men. Our histories tell us these always brought his interest, always
kept him attached to his people. incest young girls He would protect them from harm."
Calling out to russian young peteen the wooden platform, he cried "Art thou ready, Andrei?" On the illegal young teen top of the platform, the eldest of the priestesses stepped
forward and answered "He is ready!" pretty young twat
Below, the crowd all bent to one knee,
as the priestesses prepared younger little girls young Andrei. As the priestesses began to remove robes, Andrei felt a shiver in
the cool morning. At 18, he young tennie lesbian
stood a full 6 feet in height, weighing an
even 180 pounds. adolescent young porn His short blond hair sweet young ass was gently ruffled in the wind as young boy orgies
looked down at the crowd hoping to young women nude
spot one young bitch
last glance of his family.
Once the last of his clothing had been removed from him, he stepped young african girl
the bowl of the catapult and prepared himself for his journey. Seeing the young man had prepared himself in the bowl, naked young twinks the elder
priestess stepped to the lever that would release the arm. Crying out as
loud as she could, she shouted "Hear Us! Hear Us J'stan! Save this boy!
Save him from his death, and listen to his plea on our behalf!" young russians pussy As the crowd shouted "Hear US!", the three priests stepped to the
side of what had once been the great entrance to the temple. Once they
were aside, younge kids sexvideo
the priestess whispered "Bless you!" to Andrei and threw the
lever back. With a clatter, roar and bang, the catapult arm was thrown
forward and the form of young girl deflowered Andrei streaked towards the hard, cold stone ukraine young porn
walls. In the crowd, Andrei's surviving young girl posing family, his sister and brother,
watched as he flew over. Inside their heads, they were screaming, remember
the ceremony of years young rape pictures past, and the crunching sound of those boys hitting
the wall, being crushed against the stone. As youngest russian nudes
Andrei reached the halfway
point of his flight, his voice carried down to the crowd, a horrifying
"NOOOOOOOOO!" As soon as he had heard the whisper of the Priestess, Andrei tried
to brace himself for what was to come. He knew that this ceremony had been
going on for 200 years. He knew that he had attended 17 of them before
(although he only remembered 12 of very young teens them). Years ago, at 14, he had
admitted nude young boysnaturist young boy his secret, the secret which made young girls tpg
him the choice for this
offering. He remembered the bloody mess of all the boys who had not been
heard, who had been splattered against the wall of the temple. The last one
had been his lover, Creis, and he himself had scraped the bloody remains
from the wall in ages old custom. young kids porno
Yet, to save his people, he had climbed
into this machine. As he was thrown by the catapult into the air, his first reaction
was a pure, exhilarating hentai angels young thrill of freedom. He was FLYING! When he reached
the sexy youngest virgins halfway point, he remembered an old axiom "What goes UP, must come
DOWN!" He cute young guys
started to scream as he felt russians young porno
himself falling towards the
implacable stone of the temple. His last thought was "I'm not dying THIS
way!"to be continued...Copyright - Daniel Kirk, Jr. 2001
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